Subject: RE: What is a HP Visualize B160L?
To: ' ' <>
From: Eichert, Diana <>
List: port-hp700
Date: 12/19/2002 20:45:58

I'm not sure there's support for systems with a PCI bus.  
I have a B132L+ that's sitting here waiting to have an 
O/S installed on it.

At $50 it's worth buying, worst case you can run the 
Penguin O/S on it until NetBSD supports it.   I'd be 
interested in getting one of those $50 units if they 
work and there are any more available.


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From: Michael Shalayeff
To: Jeremy C. Reed
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Subject: Re: What is a HP Visualize B160L?

Making, drinking tea and reading an opus magnum from Jeremy C. Reed:
> Does anyone know if NetBSD supports the HP Visualize B160L 
> workstation?
> Google isn't helping me. I do read that it has PA1.1 or PA7300LC CPU.
> I think they are from around 1997.

7300LC _is_ pa1.1 , 160MHz in this case, 64k+64k caches and
maybe optional 1M L2 cache, 1 gsc/pci, 1 gsc/pci/eisa slot.
it should have the same if_ie and osiop, just like the older ones.
onboard video, etc.

> I found some for sale near me with 256 MB ram and 12 GB disk for
> US$50.

if it works, that's mad cheap for it, imho.