Subject: 715/100
To: None <>
From: Jarkko Teppo <>
List: port-hp700
Date: 10/19/2002 11:18:07
Tried my 715/100, here's hoping for toolchain :-)

NetBSD 1.6D (GENERIC) #0: Thu Sep  5 12:53:18 EDT 2002
HP9000/715/100 (Mirage Sr.)
real mem = 256 MB (73728 reserved for PROM, 237 MB used by NetBSD)
avail mem = 219 MB
using 3302 buffers containing 13208 KB of memory
mainbus0 (root) [flex fff80000]
pdc0 at mainbus0
mem0 at mainbus0 hpa fffbf000: viper rev 0, ctrl 40400100 size 256MB
cpu0 at mainbus0 hpa fffbe000 irq 31 ipl 0: PA7100LC (Hummingbird) rev 5
cpu0: PCX-L, PA-RISC 1.1c, lev 1, cat A, 100 MHz clk
cpu0: shadows, 128K/128K D/I caches, 120 shared TLB, 8 shared BTLB
cpu0: PCX-L (CMOS-26B) floating point, rev 1
"WAX Bus Adapter" at mainbus0 (type b, sv 8e) hpa f0200000 not configured
lasi0 at mainbus0 hpa f0000000 irq 28: rev 3.0
gsc0 at lasi0
"PS/2 port" at gsc0 (type a, sv 84) hpa f0108100 not configured
"PS/2 port" at gsc0 (type a, sv 84) hpa f0108000 not configured
"floppy controller" at gsc0 (type a, sv 83) hpa f010a000 not configured
"Advanced audio (ext.)" at gsc0 (type a, sv 7b) hpa f0104000 not configured
lpt0 at gsc0 hpa f0102000 irq 7 ipl 1
"Core RS-232C" at gsc0 (type a, sv 8c) hpa f0105000 not configured
ie0 at gsc0 hpa f0107000 irq 8 ipl 2: v2.0 address 08:00:09:0e:7b:6a, type
osiop0 at gsc0 hpa f0106000 irq 9 ipl 3: NCR53C710 rev 2, 40MHz, SCSI ID 7
scsibus0 at osiop0: 8 targets, 8 luns per target
sti0 at mainbus0 hpa f8000000: HPA208LC1280 rev 8.04;5
sti0: 2048x1024 frame buffer, 1280x1024x8 display, offset 0x0
sti0: 8x16 font type 1, 16 bpc, charset 0-255
wsdisplay0 at sti0
biomask 00000038 netmask 0000003c ttymask 0000007e
scsibus0: waiting 2 seconds for devices to settle...
cd0 at scsibus0 target 2 lun 0: <TOSHIBA, CD-ROM XM-5401TA, 1036> SCSI2
cd0: async, 8-bit transfers
sd0 at scsibus0 target 4 lun 0: <SEAGATE, ST32151N, 0530> SCSI2 0/direct
sd0: 2049 MB, 4177 cyl, 8 head, 125 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 4197405 sectors
sd0: async, 8-bit transfers
sd1 at scsibus0 target 6 lun 0: <SEAGATE, ST31230N, HP05> SCSI2 0/direct
sd1: 1001 MB, 3992 cyl, 5 head, 102 sec, 512 bytes/sect x 2051460 sectors
sd1: async, 8-bit transfers
Kernelized RAIDframe activated
sd0: no disk label
sd1: no disk label
boot device: ie0

Kudos to everyone involved!

(I got sick'n'tired of the "no-mmap-for-you" NextStep)