Subject: Re: power supply standard question
To: on on <>
From: None <>
List: port-hp700
Date: 06/24/2002 16:20:51
You're right to be anxious your 710 to revive.
The 7xx are nice workstations...  

1/ For the power supply, you have first to consult the HP-HCL in pdf format (9MB!):
See, to extend your research.
It is preferable to acquire a standard model. If you can't, I think too a power 
supply type AT or ATX is possible (with any adaptations of connectors - Be careful 
to the Graphics Card as well). I could help you about it, if my box were 
open actually. May be, some other time.

2/ About the keyboard: It is a HIL-keyboard (much easier to find out on the World 
Market). Don't forget the HIL-mouse connected on it.
The keyboard isn't essential to boot, if you have LAN or a serial connection. 
Except, the configuration will be more acrobatic.
For instance: a PS/2 keyboard, via a RS232-adapter, could be added, but have to be 
d lorin
> Hi!
> I've got HP9000 710 workstation without power supply.
> It's quite old machine, but I'd like set it up anyway.
> The problem is I've no idea how to connect any power supply to 
> the motherboard  - I have not oryginal power supply.
> Anybody knows this standard - where's 12 V, where's 5V, GND etc.
> There are(on the motherboard) 2 connectors:
> first is 14 pins, second is 5 pins, and i suppose the begger is 
> supply(maybe this small too??).
> The other question is for keyboard - what about keyboard?
> Thanks a lot.
> onek
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