Subject: Re: Help with locore.s
To: Reid Orsten <>
From: Gerald Heinig <>
List: port-hp700
Date: 06/25/2001 18:27:34
Reid Orsten wrote:
> Hey
>         I'm starting to work on the hp700 port; I have a fair bit of
> time, two pa 1.1 boxes, and hopefully enough wit to make a dent in the
> project.  I have no experience with writing operating systems though, and
> I'm not sure how to go about writing the locore.s to get everything
> started.  Any assistance you could render would be appreciated.
> Reid Orsten

Hi Reid,

Any replies on that yet?
I'm still working on another port (SGI Indigo R4000) which is giving me
a few grey hairs, so I'm a bit short of time at the moment.
My suggestion is to have a look at the locore.s of other architectures
to get a general idea of what is required.

Off the top of my head:

(assuming you've got a cross-compilation environment up and running)

Work out how PA-risc exception handling works and how the handler/jump
tables are organised.

Find out how the cache mechanisms work and what routines are needed to
support them.

Code up startup code to setup exception tables and cache miss handlers

I'll get back to this once I have Indigo stuff working. I managed to
build a cross-compilation environment with the CVS stuff at UIT in
Norway. Get that working first (if you haven't already).

Hope that helps a bit.

Oh, and get a copy of "The design and implementation of the 4.4 BSD
operating system" by McKusick, Karels, Quarterman and Bostic. Great