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Getting started

I was planning to install NetBSD on a recently restored model 332. I have read most of the documents that I can find on the NetBSD site relating to this but think I need some help getting started. 

The hardware I have is a model 332 (16 MHz 68030 with the matching 68882 FPU added), 8 Mb RAM, LAN card and adapter, 98550A frame buffer, boot ROM revision D, and an HP-IB combo disc unit with a 3.5" floppy drive and a small hard drive. Everything is working fine on this system with either the HP Basic/WS or the HP Pascal/WS operating systems. To start with, I'm planning to use the HPDrive utility on a PC equipped with a GPIB card to emulate a larger hard drive with the capacity needed for NetBSD. I haven't got that working yet but I'm also stuck on the first step of booting.

As I don't have a local server to boot from, I have downloaded SYS_UBOOT and copied it onto an HP-formatted floppy as a type SYSTM file (I used the the HPDir utility for that purpose). When booting the 332, it finds SYS_UBOOT on the floppy but return an error when it starts to load it; the error reads 'NOT ENOUGH MEMORY'.

I have read that the model 332 is not supported with NetBSD but the impression I got was that it should work if an FPU is installed, as I have done. Is anyone able to comment on that? Maybe there is another reason why the 332 is not supported? Is 8 Mb sufficient to boot? Any advice would be welcome.

Martin Trusler

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