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Re: HP9000/425e arcofi(4) audio driver

I wrote:

> This weekend I've ported OpenBSD's arcofi(4) audio driver for the
> HP "Audio1" device (Siemens PSB 2160 "ARCOFI" phone quality audio chip)
> found on HP 9000/425e.
> Patch to be committed is here:
>  https://gist.github.com/tsutsui/f1dec4c1a6dbf0417a4b

I've updated my arcofi(4) patch (in the same gist):
 - fix mutex(9) usage per MI audio(9) requirements
   (debugged by LOCKDEBUG and DIAGNOSTIC)
 - use auconv_query_encoding() and auconv_create_encodings()
   for arcofi_query_encoding()
   (I notice there is no 8-bit [su]linear to [au]law conversion in MI auconv)
 - some style nits

Izumi Tsutsui

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