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Re: HP 9000 Series 332 support. Hardware request.

On 5 September 2013 00:47, Andrew Gillham <gillham%gmail.com@localhost> wrote:
> I recently acquired a 332 and wanted to boot NetBSD on it if I could.
> For no good reason other than wanting to try it.  I don't have an
> ethernet card to netboot.  I got an FPU, but it seems like my 4MB is
> not quite enough.  I stripped the kernel as much as I could, but
> haven't been able to get it to a single-user shell yet.

4MB should be enough - certainly with 1744K free. I suspect its likely
there is a serial console issue. Do you have hardware control lines

> Does anyone remember an older version that was known to work ok in
> just 4MB? (or possibly 5MB)

If an earlier version works then its likely due to a bug in 6.1.1, or
a change in driver behaviour :)

> Anyway, dmesg below of the boot that got the furthest.  My disk is
> emulated via 'hpdrive' but seems to work ok.  My R/332 has a 20MB
> internal drive that works somewhat sporadically which I might try with
> 5MB as well, but haven't yet.

As a test you might want to configure rc.conf and fstab (with swap :)
on the disk and see if the system comes up multiuser. It would
definitely confirm if its a serial console issue...

> Ok, another question.  If I add an intio attachment for 'gendiofb' is
> it likely to work for this device?
> "fb at intio0 not configured"

I'd probably look at attaching genfb(4) - all you need is a frame
buffer address, width, height, depth & stride & away you go...

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