Subject: Is _any_body using NetBSD 1.6+ on a series 400 machine with framebuffer?
To: None <>
From: Bernd Sieker <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 07/05/2003 21:52:41

I tried to install -current today on a HP9000 425s, and it still
has the same problem as it did with 1.6: When it tries to initialise
the framebuffer console, immediately after it prints a message
about "Entrypoint" it fails.

But, whereas in 1.6 it stuck solid, and I had to do a hardware
reset, -current resets the machine and tries to reboot.

Has anyone here succeeded to install 1.6 or -current on a series
400 machine with a framebuffer (I have a Topcat 8bit framebuffer,
that worked fine up to 1.5.x, but not any longer. See an old thread
here between me and McGarry to get some clues about what is going
on, but apparently the root cause of the evil has not yet been
arrived at. I am not a kernel programmer, but I would be more than
happy to test any patches that anyome might have to test some ideas.

I recently read that someone was working on MI SCSI, which sounds
just great. If any developer needs a series 400 machine with a
framebuffer, I can offer one (400t, hyperion 1bit framebuffer).

I'd be very happy to hear from anyone about experiences with consoles
on framebuffers in series 400 machines.


Bernd Sieker

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