Subject: Installing NetBSD on a HP9000/300 machine
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 08/13/2001 22:09:29
First, PLEASE RESPOND TO THIS E-Mail Address & the port if you have any answer.

Now here is what I have:

HP300 Server (w/Rev. D BootPROM, SCSI, HPIB, AUI-NET, BNC-NET, RS-232)
1 1GB Conner SCSI Hard Drive at SCSI-ID 1(w/Maybe a DOS, Win95 Part.)
1 Toshiba 2x SCSI CD-ROM at SCSI-ID 2
1 200 (or 700) MB HP-IB Hard Drive (w/HP-UX Installed and operating.  Don't 
know what version & don't know the admin password.  I can get in as guest 

I would like to have the machine hooked to the CD-ROM and SCSI HD.  Installing 
from a Bootable CD-ROM to the HD.

1. What are my options to install NetBSD (Bootable CD-ROM, Install from a HD 
Part., Network install, Bring up HP-UX and copy the files needed (across the 
network) to the SCSI HD, Copy files needed to the SCSI HD on a x86, Etc.)?

2. Does the CD-ROM & HD need to be on certain SCSI-ID's?  If so Which ones?

3. BEFORE the "Searching for System MODE" should the machine bring ANY info. up 
on the screen about finding SCSI devices.?

4. Durning the "Searching for System MODE" it seems as if the machine isn't 
even ATTEMPTING to GLANCE at the SCSI HD or CD-ROM for a system?

5. Durning the "Searching for System MODE" I have found the follwing keys to 

c <RETURN>  =  Config MODE (For Selcet codes, Interrupt, SCSI-ID(FOR SCSI 
CARD), PARTIY(FOR SCSI CARD), & Local/Remote(FOR RS-232) for all Soft-config 

p <RETURN>  =  Pause "Searching for System MODE"

l <RETURN>  =  Resets machine

t <RETURN>  =  Test MODE (Extended, Continous, and Memory)

-Are there any other keys I can use (For Rev. D BootPROM)?

Thanks A LOT


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