Subject: Re: bootrom images
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/26/2001 21:53:02
IN>> --Just so you know.  (I haven't looked thru the messages yet and
IN>> someone might have answered this)  The RBootD MUST and NEEDS to be
IN>> running.  The INITAL boot query packet DOES NOT show up on TCP dumps
IN>> because it IS NOT a TCP packet.  It is a SPECIAL HP-RBOOT packet.
IN>I didn't say "TCP dump", I said "tcpdump".  tcpdump is the name of a
IN>program that may have started out as a TCP dumper, but is now much
IN>more; it is capable of showing - in at least a rudimentary fashion -
IN>anything the machine's Ethernet interface is willing to receive.
IN>It is perfectly capable of picking up the initial rboot packet, when it
IN>gets sent; see the post in which I describe my experience with my 425e.

Zipped my mouth (So not to put my foot in it)....  :)

IN>> After running the RBootD program you will have a selection of boot
IN>> programs one of which is: SYSUBOOT.
IN>Actually, no; the option I was offered was SYS_INST.  (And I believe it
IN>would normally be SYS_UBOOT, not SYSUBOOT.)

UnZipped my mouth, Opened it, and STUCK my foot in....  :)

IN>> --The 400 Series Serial port is a Physical port that has MUTIPLE
IN>> ports in it.  (Please check the FAQ's in the HP300 Port area of
IN>> NetBSD's site.
IN>My dear RANDOM CAPITALIZER, I've read the FAQs; I've wandered around
IN>the stuff pointed to off the Ports/hp300/ pages several times.  The
IN>multiple-ports-on-one-connector stuff does not match my hardware; the
IN>machine has three male DB-9s, marked "RS-232 1", "RS-232 2", and
IN>"RS-232 3".  There is a DB-25, but it's marked "HP PARALLEL".

Made room for my other foot and stuck it in too.  :)

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