Subject: Re: bootrom images?
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/26/2001 17:49:14
>>> Did you press the <return> key twice after it recognizes the HIL
>>> interface?
>> No, I didn't; when I did those tests I had no other possible
>> bootable device connected.  (In particular, no disks.)
> Hum.  It should've probed the network then.

Yeah, that's what I thought - if, of course, it's a bootrom version
that knows about netbooting.

> Are you sure you've got your 10Base2 network properly terminated?

Fairly sure.  I wasn't 100% confident, so I took a known-working NeXT
Slab (which has both 10baseT and 10base2) and moved the tee connector
from the hp300 to the NeXT; it booted fine.

> Also, remember, the rbootd protocol is kinda weird and may not show
> up in some modes of tcpdump.  Just try setting up rbootd and see what
> happens.

Based on what just happened with my 425e (see below), I think it really
was the ROM revision.  (Also, when using the 320, which had AUI
Ethernet, I used a transceiver which had separate send and receive
activity lights; the send light never blinked.)

> Hmmm, you're starting to trigger some fuzzy memories in me.

Join the club. :-)

> ISTR that the 98544B card I used also did not have the 9 pin
> connector -- I've never heard of it before either.  My 987544B was
> connected to a 98786A monitor and worked just fine.  Of course, the
> 98544B had an RCA connector and the 98786A had a BNC.

My box of "HP300 cables" included three (I think, maybe only two)
cables with RCA plugs on one end and BNC on the other, obviously
commercially made (molded-on strain reliefs).  Presumably they were
intended for video between a 98544B and a 98786A or equivalent.

> "The 948781A is a monochromatic (white) monitor for high resolution
> text and graphics applications.  It has a built-in speaker, twivel
> base, and passive HP-HIL jack.

Definitely not what I've got. :-)

> I've never heard of a 948774A.  Have you tried using google to figure
> out what it handles?

98774A, and experiment indicates it handles the video from a 425e,
which the 98786A doesn't.  (I have a cable with a HD-15 on one end and
a BNC on the other, which I believe I made from a BNC-to-BNC cable I
had lying around and a HD-15 connector.)

>> The last board, at the top, has red-and-black handles, in case that
>> says anything to anyone.
> Got me.  But judjing by your total RAM, it must be 1 MB.

No, no, there are six green-and-violet boards, and then that
red-and-black board in addition.  The sticker on it calls it a 98620B,
and past messages on the list imply say the 98620B is DMA support.

> I suspect if you somehow got a larger chassis with more DIO-II slots
> and some of those 4 MB RAM cards you could bump up your 330s.

The 330s already have one spare slot; they're 4-slot cages, with only
three occupied (CPU, human interface, video).

>> I think I may have to give up on the 320/330 machines, at least for
>> the time being
> :(  Well, if you still have one bootable disk or tape drive, you can
> run the HP-UKES installer and run "mediainit" to reformat your HPIB
> drives.  Then you can re-install NetBSD.

Well, I have two working HP-IB drives at present, a 7937 and a 7958.  I
have a second 7958 that seems to have decided to die.  (Are the drives
in those things compatible with anything else in the known universe?
Standard ESDI, for example, or anything like that?)

The 7937 (furrfu, that drive weighs roughly as much as I do!) has a
working 1.2 install on it.  I'm trying to build a 1.4T kernel there,
but it's dog-slow, and 1.2 to 1.4T is a big enough jump that I'm having
tools-to-build-the-tools trouble.  (I tried the kernel off the 1.4.2
CD; it fell over with an unexpected-trap failure before it even cleared
the screen and printed the copyright notice.)

>> and try to bring up my 425e instead.
> Well, remember the 425e doesn't have serial console support in its
> BootROM, but NetBSD does start using it once you get the bootloader
> loaded.

Where does it appear?  Serial port 1?  Does it use peecee-"standard"
pinout for the serial ports?

I set it up on the house LAN and didn't start rbootd, but did start
tcpdump.  tcpdump saw the query packet Just Fine.  So I fixed rbootd
(as it stands in the version I've got, it hardwires /usr/mdec/rbootd as
the place the bootfiles live; I added an option to change that) and ran
it, and then it appears to load SYS_INST happily, the screen blanks,
and I haven't yet gotten the serial console stuff working enough to
tell what happens next.

> And if your 425e has HPIB,

I wish. :-(  I don't even see anywhere it *could* have HP-IB.

> Of course, if you get the console working on 425e systems, you'd
> probably make a lot of people on this list happy.

:-)  First I have to make it boot at all.  I'll play with serial
connectors a bit more...I have half a dozen DB9-to-DB25 things, all but
one of which are ones I made and promptly forgot the details of and
probably have one-off pin wiring.  I'll play with it....

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