Subject: Re: bootrom images?
To: None <>
From: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/26/2001 15:52:47
>> I've tried all my machines; none of them appear to be willing to
>> even try to netboot.  (I don't have rbootd running, but I do have
>> tcpdump sniffing for anything that doesn't include the sniffer's own
>> MAC address, which ought to turn up at least the initial boot
>> packet.  And as far as I can tell the hp300s are sending nothing at
>> all.

> Did you press the <return> key twice after it recognizes the HIL
> interface?  [...] Otherwise, it will try booting from the first
> bootable device it encounters.

No, I didn't; when I did those tests I had no other possible bootable
device connected.  (In particular, no disks.)

>> From bottom to top [...]:
> You're going to make me dig out my manuals ...


> Unfortunately, I don't have access to a scanner anymore, so I can't
> copy the pages for you.

Not a problem.

> :)- 98544B: video
> 	1024x768 mono video out (topcat)
> 	I only have info on the 98544A, but ISTR that the A vs. B
> difference on
> 	monitors related to 50 vs. 60 Hz AC line frequency.

A vs B on the video cards seems to be different.  The 98544B has only
an RCA jack - no other connectors (specifically, no 9-pin connector and
no BNC).  One of the three machines I suspect of being 330s has a
98544A, and hooking its BNC connector to my monitor's BNC connector did
not produce any usable display (probably due to lack of sync, it seems
to me).

I have two monitors; the one I'm using is a 98786A, the other is a
98774A.  As far as I can tell, neither has anywhere to plug in the
"control" circuits from the 98544A.  Another of those fuzzy years-old
memories says that at one point I did have my hands on such a monitor.

>> - - 98561-66531: RS-232, sound, HIL, HP-IB
> 	human interface board, also has clock

Yeah, I noticed a battery on it.

> 	the HPIB is "slow", use it with plotters/tapes (same as 98624A)

> Delay interrupt		10 ms to 1.94 days
> Cyclical interrupt	10 ms to 1.94 days

Makes me wonder why they don't just say "2^24 10ms ticks" :-)

>> - - 98625A (on the panel), 98625-66501 (on the board): HP-IB
> 	this is "fast" hpib, use it for your drives

That's what I tried, and the 1.2 kernel that I have on the disks hangs.
Move them to the "slow" HP-IB and everything works.

>> I can only conjecture at the reason one of [the other three] CPU
>> cards in the 320 chassis couldn't see the extra 6 megs of RAM; I
>> would guess this is because of the missing second connector (the
>> 48-pin one).
> The RAM boards for the 320 are all DIO-I.  The color of the plastic
> extractors determines the capacity.  Green and violet are 1 MB, red
> and yellow are 256 KB, and two reds are 64 KB.  You've obviously got
> the 1 MB boards.

Yes, the six boards are green-and-violet.  I wondered why the handles
were of different colours.

The last board, at the top, has red-and-black handles, in case that
says anything to anyone.

> [The 330] can't recognize RAM for the 320, and vice versa.

:-(  I was hoping to put a 330 cpu in the 320 chassis and get 10MB
total, which would have begun to approach enough to be usable. :-)

I think I may have to give up on the 320/330 machines, at least for the
time being - I have another fuzzy memory of having given away one of
them, which if so may explain the lack of a ROM set that can netboot -
and try to bring up my 425e instead.  Doesn't have nearly the hack
value, but it has SCSI and hence I can just grab one of my spare disks
for it.  (If I had a SCSI interface for the 320/330, I wouldn't be
messing around with netbooting; I'd just set up the disk on another
machine if need be.)

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