Subject: Re: bootrom images?
To: der Mouse <mouse@Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/25/2001 08:33:05
At 6:25 AM -0400 5/25/01, der Mouse wrote:

:)I dug out my old hp300 boxen.  It seems one disk drive has decided to
:)die while on the shelf, and I don't know how long the remaining two
:)drives will last.  Therefore, I wanted to set it up to netboot.
:)Unfortunately, it seems my bootroms are too old (rev A), so I'm looking
:)for ROM images that are netboot-capable.

Can't help with the BootROM images, but I've had conflicting reports of Rev
A ROMs working/not working.  In fact, my Rev A 320 did successfully
netboot.  Try it before getting yourself in trouble (theoretically you'd
need to set up the netboot server anyways).

:)I've got four machines.  Unfortunately, it's not clear exactly what
:)models they are.  They all have 68020s with 33.3333MHz crystals.

Well, that rules out the 350 (25MHz 68020), and according to
the video and memory should give it away:
320 - no on-board video, only 16 KB on motherboard
330 - no on-board video, 4 MB on motherboard
318 - mono video
319 - 6 bit color video

Judging by your descriptions, you've got either 318 or 319 model systems.

:)and have two 27256s for ROM code.  The backplanes for these machines
:)have two connectors for each slot, a 96-pin one reminiscent of VME
:)boards and a 48-pin one that looks similar except it's the other sex
:)and is only half the size.

Those are DIO-II boards.

:)The other one is a double-box machine; it has two slots that look
:)identical to the other machines' slots, except that they have only the
:)96-pin connector, and six slots which can each take two boards (one
:)back-panel slot corresponds to two backplane slots); the slots use
:)card-edge style connectors, a la ISA or Qbus, and are either about 60
:)or about 120 pins, depending on whether the two sides of the card are

100 pins, and they're DIO-I boards.

:)I'd prefer to get the latter machine's ROMs upgraded, because it admits
:)to 6 MB of RAM, whereas the others have only 4.

Probably a 330 with 2 MB of RAM (i.e. 4 512 KB RAM cards).

:)(I tried one of the
:)dual-connector CPU cards in the single-connector backplane's box, and
:)it recognized only the 4M it had in its own backplane.)

Right, the 318 and 319 are listed as "not expandable" in the manuals.  I'm
not sure whether that refers to no space in the original chassis or the
motherboard does not look for additional devices on the DIO-II backplane.

While you're at it, maybe you could take a look at basesrc/distrib/hp300
and figure out how to generate a tarball with the files that are put into
the miniroot image.  This would make creating a netboot installation a lot

Good luck,
  -- MW