Subject: Re: new hp9000/433s: can't seem to get SYS_INST to run
To: None <>
From: Bernd Sieker <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/22/2001 20:28:27
On 22.05.01, 08:19:38, Michael Wolfson wrote:
> At 3:31 AM -0500 5/22/01, Larry Rosenman wrote:
> :)I have gotten it to recognize a FreeBSD rbootd server, and give me the
> :)option of picking SYS_INST.  When I pick that option, it says booting
> :)system, and then the local screen stays blank.
> :)
> :)[...]
> :)
> :)Any hints would be greatfully accepted.

Your best bet is always to enable the serial console. The FAQ has
instructions on that.

The easiest way is just to type "R" after the "beep-beep", that
indicates the presence of the HIL.

I successfully installed a 4XXs machine the other day with an
unsupported frambuffer, which was even in Domain-compatible boot mode.

Domain-boot mode seems to have the serial console enabled at all
times, so I could use that to switch it to HP-UX boot mode. (The
instructions in the FAQ are not sufficient to switch it from Domain to
HP-UX completely blindly, the timing of some keystrokes seems to be

Once you have the serial console enabled temporarily you can enable it
permamently and also select boot devices and other things. Just type
"C" <RETURN> after the initial boot messages. (Permanently enabling
the serial console on my machine is different from what is shown in
the FAQ, one menu item is missing here in one menu, ...)

> Is your framebuffer supported?  Send its model number to this mailing list.
>   -- MW

Bernd Sieker

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