Subject: Re: Sorry, here's the list (In need of hardware)
To: None <>
From: Bernd Sieker <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/04/2001 17:59:41
On 03.05.01, 21:41:04, wrote:
> Sorry, here is the list.

>      * 98562-66513 System Board [16 Mhz 68020 CPU, 16 Mhz 68881 FPU, ?? Mhz 68851
>        MMU (I don't know if this is the MMU chip or not, if you know please tell

Yes, the 68851 is in fact the MMU. It might always be slaved to the
CPU (or MPU, as Motorola calls them) and not have an individual clock.
Unlike the FPU, which may be clocked asycnhronously.

>        me), & 4 MB Memory]
> [...]
>     2. HP-HIL Mouse (could be a 2 button but would prefer a 3 button since I would
>        like to eventually load X-Windows)        

X11 (btw, it is _not_ called "X-Windows", but rather "X", "X11", "X
Window System", "X Window System, Version 11" or "X Version 11") is
not usable at all with only 4MB of memory. 8 is an absolute minimum,
16 is about usable, and 32 is fine. (But afaik the 320 and 330 can
only take 7.5 or 8 MB, respectively.)

Bernd Sieker

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		-- Andrew Gillham