Subject: Re: did the list server die
To: None <>
From: Andrew Carey <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/04/2001 00:40:14
Michael Wolfson <> wrote:
> Yeah, AFAICT from Jarkko's descriptions, it sounds somewhat similar to a
> 425e, with the frodo chip, a floppy, and 72 pin simm-like memory.  Except
> it's in a weird case, with weird peripherals and it's name implies it's
> related to the 380.  Is there any chance the framebuffer could be on the
> SGC bus, as it is on the 425e and some 425t's?  Then again, there's the 362
> which I've heard also uses a VGA style output, which is probably DIO-based.

Speaking of SGC, one of the several holdups was lack of documentation of the
sti stuff for the hp400. HP has released it to support pa-linux, but it
also contains hp400 specific info-

There is also another doc on the sgc bus, but HP hasn't released it
at this time (#A-5960-1585-1).

Back in 1997, mike hibler had said:

  The stuff you need from Utah's hp700 Mach port is


  note that the name, "hpsgc," sounds like general SGC support.  But don't
  let that fool you!  It is really just what we called the collected hp700
  I/O support.

  STI (standard text interface) is the name of the interface used to talk
  to the SGC-based graphics cards.  If you can find the location of the
  STI rom, then the hp700 drivers will get you going (he asserts boldly).

The hp700 mach code mike was talking about is available by anon-ftp

I'm lacking a hp425e w/ a working monitor (and time) to work on it right
now, but for someone who does, it might be helpful.

Andrew Carey