Subject: Re: Not exactly an NetBSD Question...
To: Robert Jung <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/02/2001 14:49:45
At 10:38 PM +0200 5/2/01, Robert Jung wrote:

:)here who can help me configuring the "BIOS"  (do not know how I can name it
:)better) to accept this disk? Until now I lost the battle every time. The
:)Apollo booted without problem, but it didn't recognize the disc, and YES
:I did
:)change the SCSI - ID and turned off the termination.

No such thing as BIOS regarding disks in any platform other than i386.  You
just put the disk in the machine, and if all your SCSI voodoo is correct,
it just works.  So, make sure that the drive is spinning up -- sometimes
drives are configured to not automatically spin up.  If that's the case,
try the drive in another machine (like a mac or pc) to make sure it really
does work.

Until you install anything onto it, it will only be recognized by the
kernel when your system boots, not by the HP's BootROM.

:)Also I have an SCSI HP 1536 Tape Streamer, which  has the same problem, the
:)Apollo refuses to accept the Tape.    Thanks in advance for any help.  

There is a very limited set of tape mechanisms currently supported by
hp300.  Your mechanism isn't supported.  Sorry.  That's what the discussion
earlier today was about, with regards to the MI SCSI implementation.

Good luck,
  -- MW