Subject: Re: did the list server die
To: None <>
From: Michael Wolfson <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/02/2001 08:55:46
Wow, actual discussion of adding support to hp300!  I haven't seen this in

:)> There are some major TODO items on hp300 port, MI SCSI and wscons.
:)> Is anyone working on or planning them?
:)> When the last time I checked hp300/dev/scsireg.h,
:)> it seemed to have the similar register map with
:)> MI sys/dev/ic/mb89352reg.h, but mb89352.c does not have
:)> DMA support (yet).
:)Hmm, does the mb89352.c support synchronous SCSI ? I'll take a look.

ISTR that said (several years ago) that he had the docs
for the hp300 SCSI chipset somewhere.  Perhaps he should be pinged and
encouraged to go digging for it?

:)> I'm also interested in wscons, but framebuffer on
:)> my HP382 is not supported even by old grf/ite..
:)> (It means there is no information about the device?)
:)I sort of know it's VGA out and what looked like a brooktree chip.
:)I think it occupies select codes 132-135 and one source of information
:)could be the HP-UX headers. It's a weird beast as the 382 also has frodo
:)and the memory is definitely not something you'd expect to see in a
:)300-series machine.

Yeah, AFAICT from Jarkko's descriptions, it sounds somewhat similar to a
425e, with the frodo chip, a floppy, and 72 pin simm-like memory.  Except
it's in a weird case, with weird peripherals and it's name implies it's
related to the 380.  Is there any chance the framebuffer could be on the
SGC bus, as it is on the 425e and some 425t's?  Then again, there's the 362
which I've heard also uses a VGA style output, which is probably DIO-based.

:)btw, if someone comes up with a working MI SCSI & wscons I'll promise
:)to send over a few bottles of Finnish beer:)

Aye, I'd be willing to chip into the 'beer' fund.  Also, on the wishlist
should be sysinst, or some vaguely modern installation method.  The current
method is really painful.

  -- MW