Subject: Re: did the list server die
To: Michael Wolfson <>
From: None <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/02/2001 10:34:28
On Tue, May 01, 2001 at 11:58:10PM -0700, Michael Wolfson wrote:
> At 9:52 AM +0300 5/2/01, wrote:
> :)Seriously though, I guess the amount of hp300ers is dwindling.
> Idunno about that.  I'd guess that people are more enamored of these young
> whippersnapper machines with their hundreds of MHz and gigabytes of disk
> space than a trusty old hp300.  Bah.

I always love it when people ask how many gigabytes my 7933 holds.
But seriously, I've never had any hardware as stable and rock solid as
the older HP machines. Complement the good hardware with a good OS
like NetBSD and you get my idea of computing. I love it when I can
get new software like postgresql just by doing "make" and this on 
hardware that's been "obsolete" since 199x.

> No one other than fanatics (read amiga ;) wants to develop on a 25 MHz
> 68030, much less an 8 MHz 68010.

I'd recommend the experience to most of the current crop of freshmeat etc. 

> :)Maybe in 20 years I'll have that hp500-port ready.
> You never know -- someone's porting NetBSD to sun2.

Yep, all I need is the FOCUS instruction set, gcc backend, boot block details,
and some other stuff. After that a small amount of code to get SMP on those
three processors:) Plenty of testing help too, I know of 4-9 users at the
moment. That would kick pc532 from the most-obscure-hw seat.