Subject: Re: HP 9000/382
To: Robert F Schaefer <>
From: Vince Vielhaber <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 01/07/2001 20:33:50
On Sun, 7 Jan 2001, Robert F Schaefer wrote:

> Hi there!  I have a quick question, does the prom monitor only show valid,
> bootable devices on startup?  I have a CD-ROM and an old quantum harddrive
> plugged in, but they aren't listed, all I get is:
>  System Search Mode
>  RESET To Restart, SPACE clears input    Select System, type RETURN       ?
>                                          Select System, type RETURN
> The harddrive is outta an old PC, and it's just some old data disc in the
> CD-ROM drive, there really isn't anything to boot there yet.  What I need
> to do is either build a filesystem on the harddrive, or get rbootd up on
> another computer and plug in the ethernet, right?  I was just wondering,
> the docs make it sound like I'm supposed to pick something out of a list.

It's looking for a bootable operating system - not just any, but one
it can boot or at least recognize.  IOW, either NetBSD or HP-UX.  I'm
not sure if it just reads the disklabel or if it actually looks for a

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