Subject: switch to ELF
To: None <>
From: Simon Burge <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 01/02/2001 15:53:06

I've just committed some changes to convert the hp300 port to ELF.
With the COMPAT_AOUT_M68K kernel option, all your old a.out binaries
should still work.  Note that a.out versions of ifconfig(8) and
route(8) will _not_ work due to some structure alignment problems.
The instructions that Steve Woodford put together for the mvme68k
should also apply as far as building the toolchain - look at

I'm starting a build of a complete snapshot, but it will still be a
couple of days away...  To get people started, I'll upload the basics
to get started (a kernel, new bootblocks and route/ifconfig binaries)
as soon as a GENERIC kernel finishes building.

If there are any problems, please send-pr them.  I should be on the
hp300 list by now, but if you send something their and I don't answer
in a day or so please sent it to me privately.

Many thanks must go to Steve Woodford for doing all the initial work
in converting mvme68k to ELF!

Simon Burge                            <>
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