Subject: Re: HP 9000/425e question
To: Andre Schulze <>
From: Michael Kukat <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 06/02/2000 11:13:24
Hi !

On Fri, 2 Jun 2000, Andre Schulze wrote:
> well my hp425e really ran netbsd, unfortunately the boot server got
> reinstalled and i didn'nt found the time to fix the troubles i am
> having with moving it to anonther machine.
> but it _is_ possible to get a hp425e working. you should do the
> following tings:
> 1. set up reverse arp
> 2. set up bootparams

Oh, shit. Thanks for freshing up my brain :-) These entries still are for my
345, so the kernel just cannot be found. Ok, next step would have been a
tcpdump, then i would have the problem revealed.

> 3. set up rbootd
> 4. set up the root on the nfs server (create an ordinary user to be
> able to log into the machine)

Everything done, complete working installation is on my Sun, i booted the
345 from it to get it installed (didn't get the disk labeled with sysinst).

> if using a sparc - don't use ip's it will only accept fqhn. took me
> some time (although mentioned in the docs :|
I know ;-)

> 5. run all those utilities in debug mode. bootparams and rbootd give
> nice output of what they are doing.
> the hard beat led starts to blink _after_ the kernel is booted. this
> takes some time (15-20sec).
> also use tcpdump to see what is happening on your net. you should be
> able to see wheter the box fetches a kernel or not. my problem is, it
> refuses to mount root (will use the bootparams server of the old
> installation - hope that will work)

tcpdump is not very usable, just for stuff like rarp and so. I use a switched
network, and the machines where i can dump the net aren't the bootserver.
rbootd runs on my FreeBSD mailserver, the root-fs and rarp/bootparamd/named/nis
are all on a Sun running Solaris 7. There i just haven't a tcpdump (ok, should
change this state).

[some more info]
...will try it. In the worst case, the kernel will be bent until it fits :-)

> since it works in domain mode, why should it be broken? have fun.

I never saw an OS running, and when i got it (nearly new for 5 DM), it was
labeled "Defekt!". But it lies here for several years, so there is enough time
to play around with it.

> "Die deutsche Sprache muss clean bleiben!"

...aber der Staat kontert mit der "Rechtschreibreform" :-)


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