Subject: Boot info
To: None <>
From: Carlo Vinante <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/02/2000 15:42:19
Hello to everybody.

I would ask to somebody some help in order to boot and load my op. sys. on
a 9000/345.=20
The system is, or better was a diskless one: right now I have a 750Mb SCSI
hard disk and a SCSI Magneto Opt. drive (from Corel..) and the moment to
load the operating system has arrived.=20

I know that I can boot from LAN but it looks to me a little tricky.=20
Is it possible to copy the NetBDS distribution on the Magneto Optic disk
(with some other system, as a Linux owned by a friend of mine .... ) and
then boot the system from it ? After that I should copy the NetBSD directly
on the HD ......

Thanks a lot
best regards

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