Subject: Re: Bootable CDROMs and HP 425ts.
To: Justin Tripp <>
From: Ben Staffin <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/14/1999 15:34:10
Would it do any good to try to reverse engineer the boot process from a
HP-UX CD?  I have the hpux 8.01 distribution, and the install cd boots on my

- Ben Staffin

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Subject: Re: Bootable CDROMs and HP 425ts.

This is going to be fairly HP specific.  It is highly likely that it would
be different for 300/400 than 700/800.  If you get a hold of a bootable
CD, the best option might be to attempt to reverse engineer the process.
The only bootable thing that we have ever had for 300s was tape.

There is some in information on the web on how to create bootable Sun
CDs.  Not HP, but they are definitely non-El Torrito.  From the Sun CD-ROM

'Until just recently, creating a bootable CD-ROM on SPARC was a mystery
(even though the RedHat people have had a Sun bootable RedHat distribution
available for quite some time now).

     See "docs/CDROM.HOWTO" in "silo-0.8.4.tgz" at

This might be useful.  I glanced at it and it seems that Sun treats a
CDRom just like it would any other disk.  So the image on the CDRom must
look like a disk image.


On Mon, 13 Sep 1999, Brent Hetherwick wrote:

;)I've been directed here for the answer to this question, as it was
;)deemed inappropriate for *.netbsd.misc.  So here it is:  I'd like
;)to make a bootable NetBSD CDROM for my Apollo.  Unfortunately, just
;)writing a disk image to CD "raw" gives a disc which won't enter
;)the "second stage boot".  Is it possible to use a "one-stage bootstrap"
;)with NetBSD/hp300, so that I could write a disk image with this to
;)CDROM, or are there any other tricks I might use for making a bootable
;)I've been unable to find any docs for making non-El Torito bootable
;)CDROMs on the WWW, but if anyone might point me to such, I'd appreciate
;)Thank you.
;)Brent Hetherwick

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