Subject: Serial console install
To: None <>
From: Ben Hockenhull <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 10/19/1998 20:26:38

I've solved the problem with rbootd thanks to the pointers on this list.
I've successfully disklabeled, netbooted and installed a miniroot.  When I
boot, it asks for the termtype, defaulting to hp300h.  Since I'm booting
from a serial console, I don't actually have a terminal program that
supports that termtype.  As a result, I'm unable to do anything after
booting.  No matter what I enter as a termtype, the serial console becomes
unusable.  I see the # prompt, and can type, but nothing of any use
appears in reponse to my typing.

This is my first attempt at a serial console install, so I'm sure I'm
missing something.  Attempting to set the termtype to vt100 didn't do the

Any words of wisdom?



Ben Hockenhull