Subject: hp433e
To: None <>
From: None <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 10/03/1998 22:53:00
Hello all,

once more I tried to activate my hp433e. I know that the graphic console is
not supported, so I tried to attach a serial terminal. Alas, I could not
find a setting for the terminal so that the apollo would send its output
there, nor is there a dip switch to make a remote console on a serial
port. By exploring the whole Configuration menu, I found the boot selection
"unspecified". If I activate this, the system asks "R  remote console, L
local console" or something like that. If I type R, however, the system
seems to restart, asking the same question again; typing L gives the same
I used a netboot-setup that worked just great for a hp360 on the local
As I now have the 360 running, I can tailor-make a kernel for the 433, but
which options should I use? As I understand, the GENERIC kernel 'is supposed
to run' on a 433e, but for me, it doesn't...

Just another question that occurred to me: what type of memory expansion can
I use in the 360? I have a couple of the small boards (DIO-I, I suppose?)
with 1 or 4 megs, but the 360 does not seem to care about them? (i.e., the
amount of ram detected by the bootrom does not change when I insert the
boards). The 8 megs currently installed are partly on the cpu board, partly
on an extension board plugged onto the cpu, and this board is only half

MTIA, Peter Hettkamp