Subject: 300 Series bits in Melbourne, Australia
To: None <port-hp300@NetBSD.ORG>
From: Ian Clark <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 05/12/1998 21:59:04
Hello all,
	I was going through some boxes at home found yet another set of 
9000/300 boards. Not more 300 series junk! er.. 300 series "Good Stuff".

I think the time has come for me to clear some space so I can fill it with
other junk.

The items in question are:

A 350 Processor Board pair (memory & main board) 68020@20Mhz 68881 8Meg 
memory. It loads NetBSD but fails with some error which from memory 
sounded like some sort of interrupt type thing. (Pretty specific Eh!)
This could be dead or might need some other hardware. I never bothered
with it because I got a 345 at the same time!

Several 340 Processor boards. 68030 &  68882 both at 16.7 Mhz 8 Meg Memory 
onboard video, HIL, HP-IB etc.

4 x 	98267A 4Meg 360 memory boards
8 x     98632A 4 channel serial muxes 
5 x 	98625B HP-IB boards
5 x 	36941A X.25 boards
3 x  	?????? ethernet (AUI only) boards
4 x 	0950-1760? powersupply units out of 340 main/expander boxes

Also I have some HP books, mainly relating to 800 series HP-UX 9.0 
(no I don't have one)
I do have a spare copy of the Peripharal Installation guide for Series 
200/300, but it isn't up to date .. errr I'll rephrase that, it doesn't
cover the whole of the 300 series. 

My terms...

I'd like to swap some of this stuff for something that may be of use to 
me such as:

A sun3 optical mouse & pad (In order to get another junker complete),
Moto-Morini Parts,
Moto-Guzzi Parts  (In case you don't know these are Italian motorcycles), 
HP 9000/712 memory (see! some newer junk),
DDS 60 metre tapes,(for the old HP DDS drive attached to my 300)
SCSI disks.
Surplus electronic test gear.
Any Interesting Radio stuff: pagers, 2 way radios, scanners sattelites etc.
Interesting Networking 'things' (Ethernet or Token Ring)

However if you have any interest in some of the stuff let me know and 
I am sure we can come to some arrangement that will leave us both happy. 

Oh, and I live in Melbourne Australia so bear in mind that shipping 
costs could easily be more than the items worth! (Well, worth to me
anyway :-)
					Happy Hacking .... IanC
21 Year old Moto Morini, 16 year old Moto Guzzi, 23 year old car -
So what's the fuss about a couple of 10 year old workstations?
Ian Clark VK3KRI