Subject: Re: Support for 425e with SGC video?
To: Jay Lovell <>
From: mike smith <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 04/25/1997 12:37:01
Jay Lovell wrote:
> > What manuals do you have that talk about the hardware, or
> > programming the hardware?  I have a pile of HP/UX manuals, but
> > no hardware references 8(
> I don't have too much either.  I have the following:
> Device I/O (DIL,HP-HIL)

That sounds moderately interesting, although what's DIL?

> Using the Audio Application Program Interface

Not very useful unless there's a 'raw hardware' mode that
they document.

> Calls for high end graphics functions.  But hey, I almost forgot!  I have
> the HP Apollo 9000 Series 400 & 700 US Pricing and Configuratino Guide for
> May of 1992 <grin>! At least you'd know what the heck is out there.  ;-)

I would _really_ appreciate an authoratative list of all of the
4xx models and their basic configuration (CPU, busses), so I
can work out which has/is what.
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