Subject: disklabel problem continued
To: netbsd HP <>
From: Tony Povoas <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 04/11/1997 10:14:45

I'm still having problems trying to label a second disk from netbsd. I'm
running the binary distribution set from:

I get the error message concerning the second disk being read only even
when I try the dd cludge to copy either the label from my first disk
to the second or even just to overwrite the second disk label with

I am not in a position to netboot SYSINST but would badly like to get this
second disk labelled. Is it really the case you can't add a second disk to
a running version of NetBSD without using an HP tape or a Linux/HP server?

Jason mentioned a fix had been incorporated to the source tree for this
problem. Was this a kernel fix? If so could I just download a later kernel
and boot this to write the disklabel, or would I need to upgrade all the
system binaries/libraries as well? Is there a binary snapshot of this
available somewhere?