Subject: Re: hp400 overclocked to 33 Mhz (not sure what it is 425 or 433)
To: David Carrel <>
From: Andreas Brusinsky <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/11/1997 23:42:52
There is no jumper that says exactly that it is for adding a wait state
similar to the one in the hp380's (I have one, so I can compare), but
still close to the CPU is also a three pin jumper called w001 and close to 
the back is a set of 8 jumpers called w002 (w may stand for wait
state and there may be 8 because I have 8 slots for memory modules). 

I had just 16 MB of swap and tmp was on sd?a which was low of space too.

So I may put back again the 66MHz osci and try later again if gcc works
better when I make tmp as an MFS and have more swap space configured.

	Thanks for now

	Bye by Brusi