Subject: Re: 33Mhz in 380 and 43T
To: Andreas Brusinsky <>
From: David Carrel <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 12/04/1996 10:49:24
> Is there a method to see if a 68040 is at 33 Mhz?
> Are there some benchmark programs?
> Both of my 68040 are labeled RS25 (25 Mhz).
> Today I shortly attempted to replace the 50 Mhz ocillator with
> a 66 Mhz just in the 43T before one feed broke off when I attempted
> to put it in the 380.
> The 43t did work well but still claimed to be at 25 Mhz (unfortunately
> I did not have a look at the cpu deleay factor).
> Should NetBSD say allready at the starting point that there are now
> 33 Mhz on the CPU?

NetBSD always prints "25MHz" at boot time if it detects a 380.  The number
isn't calculated.  I have patches on my machine that calculates the CPU
speed and prints that.  I'll send them to this list when I get home, and
maybe they can get checked in.  (Hey Jason, wanna give me access to the
source tree???  ;-)

> Is a CPU cooler like in pc's sufficient for the heat?

Sorry, I'm not a thermal engineer.  I also don't know the pc CPU coolers.
So I can't really help.  Use your best judgement.