Subject: Re: Just what is going on here
To: None <>
From: Terry Lambert <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/17/1996 16:10:11
>  > I am booting off of SCSI tape.  It's true that there is no way to
>  > install the FS from tape (yet), but I *can* boot without NetBSD on
>  > another platform.  The "conv=osync obs=20b" options necessary to
>  > write a "good" tape are annoyingly undocumented, but it works.
> Hmm ... I thought _for sure_ that was in there somewhere...
> Ah, it is... Look at the notes under:
> To prepare for installing via a tape:
>         If you wish to load SYS_INST from tape, it must
>         appear on the tape before any other files.  To copy
>         this onto tape, use a command like the following:
>                 dd if=SYS_INST of=<tape_device> bs=20b
>         Note that not all HP BOOTROMs support booting from
>         SCSI tapes.
> Hmm, conv=osync isn't there ... I'll add that... thanks for pointint it 
> out..  (I've never tried this ... I was told by another party about the 
> bs=20b)

"bs=20b" is an incompatible option.  You *must* use "obs=20b".

> Oh ... you can switch the 400/425/433 ROM back to "HPUX" mode from Domain 
> mode... I forget the magic sequence, but it's possible... anyone know it?

It's under 'boot' in the undocumented 'C' menu (hit space during boot,
hit C <ret> instead of picking boot media -- the same way you pick the
serial console (C menu).

					Terry Lambert
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