Subject: Re: Network installation (was boot from floppies)
To: Jason Thorpe <>
From: Brian Oneill <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 09/12/1995 22:18:20
On Tue, 12 Sep 1995, Jason Thorpe wrote:

> Well, during self-check you can just tap the spacebar to bing up a list of 
> boot choices, and can select via a menu.  On some systems, you can 
> `save' this choice in the EEPROM.  On my 319 (with a Rev C1 ROM, I 
> believe), I have no disks attached, and it just defaults to the LAN device.

Hmmm, this doesn't seem to work on my machine, the keyboard works, cause 
i can do SHIFT-RESET to reset the machine, and i can get letters/numbers 
to appear in the lower right hand corner during startup. I'm not sure if 
maybe my bios doesn't support this. I would like atlease get to this 
menu mainly because i do not currently have a HD for the machine, and am 
planning on buying one in the next week or so, but i don't want to buy 
one for a machine i can't get any os on =) I'm including what comes up on 
my screen to see if maybe anyone can tell me what might be happening. 
Also, if anyone can give me any hints on how i can find out what model 
number my machine is exactly i would appreciate it. =)

Screen is as follows:
| Copyright 1985,						|
| Hewlett-Packard Company.					|
| All Rights Reserved.						|
|								|
| BOOTROM Rev. A						|
| Bit Mapped Display						|
| MC68020 Processor						|
| MC68881 Coprocessor						|
| Keyboard							|
| HP-IB								|
| HP98620B							|
| HP98644 at 9							|
| HP98642 at 13							|
| HP98625 at 14							|
| HP98643 at 21							|
| 7339858 Bytes							|
|								|
(number or returns excluded =)
| RESET TO Power-Up						|

Thanks again in advance,

ps. if i seem to be asking to many questions let me know =)

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