Subject: Re: have hp300, need keyboard
To: Gordon Ross <>
From: Jason Thorpe <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 02/07/1995 11:21:21
On Tue, 7 Feb 95 13:14:34 EST 
 "Gordon W. Ross" <> wrote:

 > There is an old hp300 series machine here that I can have if I want
 > it, but it is missing its keyboard and mouse.  It is a desk-side unit
 > with a 1-slot VME cage in the top, a CPU box, a disk box, and a tape
 > box.  It has RGB video outputs and a cable that produces a nice image
 > when connected to a Sun color monitor.  It even tries to boot, but
 > asks for some keyboard interaction, so I need a keyboard.

You can use a serial console on them if you set the remote bit on the dca 
(the 9-pin serial port...)  On older models this was done with a switch 
or jumper on the human interface board...

On newer models (375, 380, 400-series) you need to frob with an option in 
the proms...

 > Anyone know how to determine which model it is?  (and CPU speed?)
 > Where might I find a keyboard/mouse for this thing?

Lesse...Look on the main board - does it have an '020, '030, or '040?  The 
main board in this case is the one with the internal hpib interface, a 9-pin 
serial interface, a HIL interface, possibly a LAN interface (I don't 
recall the 320 having a built-in LAN), could possible have a speaker jack 
also (for the HIL feeper).  If you don't see a CPU/FPU on that board, 
then check one of the ``memory'' boards, which will be full-size DIO-II 
card if this is the case...If I remember correctly, the 360's CPU is not 
on the human interface board, but rather a CPU/memory board that 
connected via a ``bridge'' connector to another memory board.

If you can find the CPU, look for it's oscillator, and half the 
frequency.  This should be your clock speed.  These are what I can dig up 
from memory:
	310: 16MHz 68010 (runs hp-ux 5 and PAM - bleah...)
	320: 16MHz 68020 (ROMS prolly say `Rev. B')
	340: 16MHz 68030
	350: ??MHz 68020 (I think 25, but I'm not sure...)
	360: 25MHz 68030 (I've always seen these in ``single high'' cases)
	370: 33MHz 68030 (I've always seen these in ``double high'' cases)
	375: 50MHz 68030 (seen these in double and single cases - they have
			  an L-shaped daughterboard with an '030 and '882
			  that sits in an '040 socket...)
        345: 50MHz 68030 (these are like 375's with different cases - thin
			  like the old 700X Xterminal cases, longer than
			  other hp300's, too...say 345 on the front.  Only
			  one ``spare'' DIO-II slot for a video board...)
	380: 25MHz 68040 (these are 375's with newer roms and an '040 in
			  the socket instead of the daughterboard)

The memory in the 345, 375, and 380 is sort of simm-looking, but has lots 
of pins (I've never counted them...) in the sockets, and corresponding 
connectors on the memory-boards...They're about the same size as 36-bit 
simms for EISA PCs...

As far as I can tell, the 360 and the 370 are very similar - they use the 
same type of memory boards (or, at least, they look the same), etc.  Not 
seen a 340, but I've read about them...I think the roms on these things 
said `Rev. C'...

If it were a 400-series machine, it'd say so on the front...along with 
`Apollo' - go figure...

When you say ``desk side'' what do you mean?  Is it like a tall, thin 
tower with a lump hanging off the right side?  Or, is the expansion box 
totally separate from the SPU?

As to where you can get a keyboard/mouse - hmmm...HP'd prolly sell them 
to you - but you'd prolly need to give up a limb or two...I no longer 
have tons of them around...but, comp.sys.hp.hardware would prolly be a 
good place to start...I've always been able to find HP parts there 
(usually very cheap...)

Anyway - again, this is from memory - so do with it what you will - hope 
it's helpful...

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