Subject: Re: procedure for bootstrapping hp300 machines
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From: Mike Hibler <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 06/16/1994 00:25:02
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> Subject: Re: procedure for bootstrapping hp300 machines 
> From: Jason Thorpe <>
> Date: Wed, 15 Jun 94 21:58:38 PDT
> On Wed, 15 Jun 94 22:40:32 -0600 
> (Mike Hibler) wrote:
>  > What is the current procedure for bootstrapping on a 300?  I gather that
>  > you try to find someone with the same type of disk and have them make an
>  > image for you?  Just wondering if there has been any discussion on how to
>  > provide a fairly minimal, generic image that people can boot on any disk.
> I'm under the impression, BTW, that it's nearly impossible to bootstrap 
> from hpux, since it doesn't do disk partitioning and the filesystem is 
> different enough to cause problems...
There are other possibilities:

	1. Make bootable tapes.  I don't think anyone on this list
	   really wants to get involved in that!  We used to do that
	   and it is a pain.  Maybe not everyone has a tape drive

	2. Make a standalone copy that can be loaded across a LAN
	   and can then load a root image to disk.  4.4lite should
	   have all the necessay server-side stuff to talk to the
	   HP boot roms, but this requires the target machine to
	   have new-ish boot ROMs.  Most older (320/350) machines

	3. Require a second disk.  HP-UX can always "dd" a BSD image
	   out to a raw disk.

	4. If you have a SCSI disk (or another HP-UX machine and an
	   HP-IB disk), hook it up to another machine and do the "dd".

I guess the path of least resistance is to assume 3 or 4 and just do
distribution via a raw disk image as is (presumably) done now.  You
should be able to come up with a fairly generic image suitable for
bootstrapping on any disk I think.