Subject: Greetings and a first question!
To: None <>
From: Cameron Blackwood <>
List: port-hp300
Date: 03/23/1994 14:44:12

  Well I have a HP300, a need to run BSD and an interst in operating
systems, so I guess this is a good list to be on.  I have scanned the
FAQs and docs on NetBSD, but I cant seem to find anything specific for
the HP300.

  First step, I suppose, is to get BSD running on my machine.  Is there
a boot image as with the PC version, or does one simply (ha :-) get
berkeley make, make the kernel and place in one of the magic kernel
slots so the ROM picks it up on boot.

I have: HP300 ('20) 8M, 4 * 55M hpib drives, HPUX 7.x, monitor, qic tape.

  Also the "info port-hp300" entry is a bit small.  Maybe it would be
good to place the address of the archive, if any, in that slot.


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