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ramdisk.fs overflows

These days, build fails because ramdisk.fs exceeds its limit:


all ===> etc/ews4800mips/floppies/instkernel
mapped netbsd-RAMDISK.tmp
got symbols from netbsd-RAMDISK.tmp
root @ 0x234570/3145728
copying image /home/builds/ab/HEAD/ews4800mips/201712200940Z-obj/home/source/ab/HEAD/src/distrib/ews4800mips/floppies/ramdisk/ramdisk.fs into netbsd-RAMDISK.tmp (3145728 bytes)
done copying image
rm -f netbsd-RAMDISK.gz
mapped boot-RAMDISK.tmp
got symbols from boot-RAMDISK.tmp
root @ 0x15454/2129920
mipseb--netbsd-mdsetimage: fs image (2137421 bytes) too big for buffer (2129920 bytes)
--- boot-RAMDISK.gz ---
*** [boot-RAMDISK.gz] Error code 1

(1) Dropping shutdown(8) as well as FFS_EI & Apple UFS support from
fsck_ffs(8) and newfs(8) reduces ramdiskbin about 34KB, and it fits
within the limit again. Note that FFS_EI option is not enabled by
default for all kernels of ews4800mips.


(2) Dropping rcmd(1) and rcp(1) reduces about 20KB, and it also fits
within the limit.

Or any other choice?


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