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Re: mips64 softfloat or hardfloat?

On Tue, 4 Apr 2017, Michael wrote:

> It's still soft float, although some parts of the tool chain seem to be
> confused. Adding -Wa,-msoftfloat to CFLGS should do the trick.

To be precise, adding:

  CFLAGS+=	-Wa,-msoft-float

seems to do the trick.  At present, I have restricted this to
"pkgtools/cwrappers".  While the assembler warnings were treated as
fatal for "cwrapper", a subsequent build of "pkgtools/digest" and
"lang/perl5" reported the warnings but proceeded to build.

I suspect, in the end, that I will need to make this item global,
possibly along with an identical setting for "CXXFLAGS".

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