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Fwd: NetBSD on lemote 8089D

I’m trying to boot NetBSD on a lemote 8089D with loongson2F,and I hope it
can run. But I’m facing some problems with recent NetBSD versions.

When I use pmon load netbsd_LOONGSON or netbsd-INSTALL_LOONGSON I get some

THe netbsd_LOONGSON or netbsd-INSTALL_LOONGSON download
from pub/NetBSD/NetBSD-6.1.2/evbmips-mips64el/

And the version of pmon is 1.4.9

PMON>boot -k (usb0,0)/netbsd_LOONGSON

phys segment: 0x3f3d4000 @ ....
adding 0x3f3d4000 .....   to freelist 0
pmap_steal_memory:seg 0: 0x.....
pmap_steal_memory:seg 0: 0x.....

How can I load the netbsd or fix it?

Have a nice day.


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