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Re: sshd session hang, bad file descriptor data

In article <Pine.NEB.4.64.1206081415270.22128%david.technoskunk.fur@localhost>,
John D. Baker <jdbaker%mylinuxisp.com@localhost> wrote:
>Attempts to connect to my Yeeloong via ssh from an i386 client still
>hang.  I'm not getting any console messages, but that may be a side
>effect from my 'amd' investigation.
>The symptoms from the client end remain the same.  The server prompts
>for password and no further operations are possible on the client end.
>the client terminal is locked into an unresponsive network connection.
>The usual "~." doesn't work.  In a graphical environment, one must
>destroy the window.  (I haven't tried from a non-graphical client, but
>I expect one must log in to the client from elsewhere and kill the
>frozen session.)

This is exactly what I see on my shark using current. It is probably
not the same bug, but there is a time during the negotiation process
where all the signals are blocked. can you run ssh in gdb?


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