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Re: Crosscompiling NetBSD for Fonera not working with HEAD?

On Mon, Jul 06, 2009 at 12:41:43AM +0200, Fredrik Pettai wrote:
> As you can see -no-abicalls is in there...

Indeed it is. And the disassembly of the call whose return address is
in ra shows that it's not making an abicall.

But it does really really look like something did an indirect jump
through t9 after loading trash into it.

Can you post the disassembly of the function that call site is
calling? (ath_hal_reg_read)

Maybe there's a tail-call optimization so it's actually coming from
further down. (And maybe something is confusing gcc into issuing an
abicall in that context in spite of -mno-abicalls? But you'd think
that would make the kernel blow up right and left...)

Today's tree doesn't even compile for me:
../../../../arch/mips/atheros/ar5315_board.c:69:75: error: 
contrib/dev/ath/ah_soc.h: No such file or directory

David A. Holland

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