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Re: netbsd-MALTA on qemu

2008/1/29, Simon Burge <simonb%netbsd.org@localhost>:

> Does the real Malta 24K have a different system controller (an
> Algorithmics Bonito from memory?).  Or am I confusing that with a 20K
> core?  What does QEMU do here?

Malta board may be equipped with various "core cards". The "core card"
contains a CPU (chip or FPGA core) and system controller (real chip or FPGA):


Qemu emulates CoreLV card only. Real CoreLV consist of Texas Instrument 4Kc
MIPS chip and Galileo GT64120 system controller chip


Unlike the real CoreLV Qemu emulates 24K CPU by default.

The current firmware for Qemu/Malta is very primitive and does
not perform PCI enumeration.

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