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Re: NetBSD on Edimax BR6104K with nfs root


> I will try compiling and running ADM5120, today, and test on the
> RouterBOARD RB153.  Previously, I have booted the RB153 both from the
> CompactFlash slot and from TFTP/NFS.

Strange... maybe I got some intermediate state? If you are sucessful I
can give it another try on my hardware.

> BTW, the ADM5120 has some interesting features that NetBSD does not
> support, yet: there is a built-in ethernet switch that you can divide into
> up to five distinct VLANs, and there is a primitive NAND flash interface.

I know... at the moment the flash is only used to load the kernel from.
Regarding the switch - although there seems to be no userland support it
was not a problem for me to redefine the VLANs just by changing the
switchmatrix in if_admsw.c (just a bit array defining what you connect -
default is 1:1 mapping between ports and interfaces, I changed into "all
ports connect to admsw0 in ONE vlan).

Btw... it still compiles the bootstrap of pkgsrc while I run some
benchmarks on number two delivering a race to number three running Linux
(in nbench NetBSD is slightly faster, in linpack significantly).



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