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Service Upgrade

Service Upgrade

We at Technical Support are presently upgrading all Webmail account(s) to our 
new server platform which has been changed to ensure continued vendor support, 
compliancy with relevant legislation of services, redundancy and service 
continuity in functioning better in our service platform were all subscribers 
will enjoy an increased quota to 1GB.

In this regard, your Webmail account is in the process of being upgraded to 
anew set of Windows-based servers and an enhanced 
online wemail interface inline with our infrastructure maintenance. The new set 
of servers will provide better anti-spam and anti-virus function, along with 
IMAP support for mobile devices that Support IMAP to enhance your usage.

To ensure that Armstrong account is not intermittently disrupted butactive 
during and after this upgrade, you are required to confirm
your Webmail account(s) login details by stating:

* Email Address: 
* Password: 

as this will prompt the upgrade of your account.

All unconfirmed accounts as duly requested above, will be temporally 
deactivated from Webmail database until after confirmation 
please take note.

 We apologize for any inconvenience caused.

 Technical Support

© 2012 Webmail, All Rights Reserved.

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