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Re: DC dev: requirements?

>> And I can't see anything else offhand that needs Windows, leaving me
>> wondering why it's listed.
> Probably the document writer knew only that way?

That's what I was hoping someone would say.

I was just recently given a Dreamcast and would love to start doing
something more interesting than playing commercial games on it.  At the
moment this will be mildly difficult because it has the modem, not
either of the ethernets, but if I can get a minimal grappling-hook
program burnt, I can do preliminary work over the serial port.  I may
find a network interface, or I may see how fast I can push the serial
port, or I may cobble something together based on the parallel port I
gather it has...this is still in very preliminary stages.

> FYI, cdrtools binaries on NetBSD (or even on Cygwin) are enough.

Good.  I've got cdrecord and at least two different burners I can use
to create discs for the purpose.

My biggest problem so far is finding hardware documentation.  I've
found indications that it exists, but haven't managed to find very much
of it, possibly because my web-fu is weak (and the web seems to be all
anyone ever makes anything available over these days), possibly because
I just haven't managed to find the rignt combination of search terms....

I'm also a little worried that if I boot something that fails to
initialize something then it could damage hardware.  This strikes me as
most likely with the graphics rendering engine, but it actually could
in principle occur with any subsystem.

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