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5.0 sh3el 2009Q1 packages binary


I put NetBSD/sh3el 5.0 2009Q1 packages binaries compiled
on my LANTANK (running NetBSD/landisk) here:

See the pkgsrc guide for more details:

My lantank often got FFS related panics during four months build
so there might be some possible breakages in these binaries,
but I beleive it's still better than nothing.

There is a report that such panics happen on wd(4) on acardide(4)
but not on USB drives, so we might have to check bus_dma(9) or
cache stuff.
(AFAIK ehci(4) only uses bus_dmamem_alloc(9)'ed memory for all xfers)

Izumi Tsutsui

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