Subject: Re: GDRom
To: Adrian McMenamin <>
From: Peter Bortas <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 11/06/2007 13:58:17
On 11/4/07, Adrian McMenamin <> wrote:
> On Sun, 2007-11-04 at 18:06 +0100, Peter Bortas wrote:
> > On 11/4/07, Adrian McMenamin <> wrote:
> > > Hello all...
> > >
> > > I am working on a Linux driver for the GD Rom (which is not a licence
> > > infringing rip off of the existing NetBSD one) - and I wonder if anyone
> > > has a list of the packet commands they have reversed?
> >
> > Why would it be a license problem to use the NetBSD driver, and if you
> > belive it is, why not ask to have it with a diffrent license? It's not
> > like the list of copyright holders is very long.
> >
> NB: I subscribe to the list so there is no need to send me a separate
> copy.

To lazy to delete you after having pressed "Reply to all".

> Well, the licence on the previous driver looked pretty iffy.

That should probably be fixed then. Last time I saw it it was fine, bu
that admittedly was a few years ago, so it might have changed.

> Secondly because the NetBSD code doesn't fit too well with the Linux
> universal CD Rom if.

That is a valid reason.

> Firstly because I want to write it myself :-)

So is that.

I don't think anyone ever documented the exact protocol in one place,
but it's easy enough to just get that from the code.