Subject: Re: Availabilty of NetBSD/dreamcast 3.0_BETA LiveCD
To: Cameron Kaiser <>
From: Peter Bortas <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 04/26/2005 23:51:05
Cameron Kaiser <> writes:

>> > It's a multisession CD and needs external tools from Marcus Comstedt. 
>> > IMHO, this is somewhat out-of-scope of NetBSD. It's not a "standard"
>> > procedure to boot CDRs on the Dreamcast and SEGA may not like it :)
>> Sega America contributed to the th NetBSD port.
> Wow. Was this in an official fashion?

Not really, but it wasn't some secret under the table stuff either. It
should be noted that Sega never contributed code. They told us how to
avoid a potential problem with the DMA engine if I remember

Peter Bortas