Subject: Re: Clustering the dreamcast?
To: Andy R <>
From: Alex Kirk <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 05/27/2003 18:15:27
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Thanks for forwarding that along -- it is interesting. It'd be even more so 
if I could pry my wife's hands off of the PS2 long enough to boot Linux on 
it. ;-) 

This probably will become a phenomenon in the future with some of the game 
consoles out there, as they grow to include Ethernet, hard drives, etc. -- 
assuming that Nintendo, Sony, etc. don't de-legitimize the concept by using 
Microsoft's Xbox approach. The problem, though, is still cost. I own several 
game consoles -- the original NES, SuperNES, N64, a PS2, and my Dreamcast -- 
and the problem is that even the relatively old ones, even on Ebay, are 
still not cheap enough to mass-purchase. I mean, when the DC is still $50 
and the BBA is $100, I don't see any systems that could feasibly do this 
being cheap enough for at least 5+ years. 

Of course, I'm still drooling over the concept of the PS3 and its cell 
architecture -- but it'll be a long, long time before anyone could afford to 
cluster that. 

Alex Kirk 


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