Subject: Re: Packages
To: None <>
From: Andy R <>
List: port-dreamcast
Date: 01/31/2003 14:32:47
--- Alex Kirk <> wrote:
> That's for damn sure. The build of /usr/pkgsrc/net I
> started this afternoon 
> froze my system somewhere along the way (I caught
> what it froze at, but 
> couldn't tell which package I was working on...need
> to go through and see 
> which is the first package that isn't built), and I
> bet that won't be the 
> last time. Still, it's a worthy effort, especially
> if someone from the 
> NetBSD team lets us know how to upload compiled
> packages. Anyone here know 
> about that? 

Should this just be a bulk build that keeps failing on
different things, or should there be some decision
made as to where we should start? Maybe with the
popular packages or something? Maybe another port
could make some suggestions?


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